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さよならパーティ SAYONARA Party 09JAN.2002

日本よりニコールが発信 from Japan
Well, a big こんにちは to everyone reading this.  I have finally got around to sending something to Mr Mochizuki, who is kind enough to let me have a place in the Rotary Homepage.  I have been here 8 months now, a bit late to try and catch up on everything that has happened, but I still have 4 full on months left, and to be incredibly honest, I am so not going home!!  This exchange has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, and maybe even the best thing that will ever happen to me.  I`ve grown so much as a person, and learnt so many new things.  I tell my best friend at school that I`m leaving in soon, and we both get all teary eyed, not usual for a Japanese student, but absolutely lovely.  This is my email address, if you have the inclination to email me;

Nichole Phillips

from N.Z.


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